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  • Open Training- Presentation Skills Kempinsky Hotel

     The interest shown before training, our experienced teacher, exercices were all very good. Good exemples and applications made us more focus on training. I didn't want it finishes...thank you!

  • Cem Göçtü

    17 June- TTNET- Impressing and Persuasion Training

    The training that we got wasn't just helpful for our business life, it was also very helpful for our personal life. Serap Gökmen's natural motivation made us follow with atention. We are so thankful for lodgement that was shared wtih us.

  • Orhan Küçükerman İkipixel 'E-commerce Training'

    E-commerce Training is a very successful seminar covering all the information on internet sales techniques and social media. The trainer, Anıl Altaş enlightened us on the internet sales techniques, thank you.

  • Ebru Karasu Aydınlı Group 'Communication Training'

    Emek Aren made this entire training unforgettable. As a result of the activities and examples presented by Mrs.Emek, all participants improved themselves. It was great pleasure to listen the topic of ‘’Our job is to Communicate’’ from Mrs. Emek.

  • Beyza Tekgöz Atasay Kuyumculuk ' Management Training'

    Prior to this training I was worried with prejudice that it will merely be a repeat of the clichés that I observed , heard or were told. However Mrs. Serap has introduced me to a new world such that she made me believe that I can be happy and successful not only in business life but also in my personal life. She thought me that if I am happy that light will reflect to my environment. It was a much different experience then what life thought me so far. Yes, personal change does not happen at once as if tapped by a magic-stick, however I am highly confident that it is necessary to start from some point. I am very thankful for coming to this point fistly to Mrs. Serap and all others who contributed. I am sure that I will start our journey next year froma brand new point. Thank you Mrs.Serap.


  • Deniz Kırımca Karakaş Denizbank 'Stress Management'

    Thanks to this training I have learned to see life more optimistically and also how to perform when I face difficulties.

  • Nihan Begüm Yılmaz Denizbank ' Stress Management'

    I can say that this training which I think was very effective for my personal development; has totally changed my point of view and helped determine my personal goals.

  • Ezgi Özdağ Denizbank 'Stress Management'

    It was a very joyful and effective training. Our Trainer Mrs. Serap was very sincere and highly capable of transferring her knowhow.

  • Ömür Kemal Akalan Denizbank 'Stress Management'

    A beneficial training above my expectations. It was perfect to have practical activities to strengthen the verbal explanations.

  • Burcu Kutsal Denizbank 'Stres Management'

    This was a very pleasant training session that made me feel valuable and helped me realize points that I know but do not implement.

  • Cem Kedük Acıbadem Sigorta 'Telefonda Başarı Faktörleri Eğitimi'

    Activities performed during the training helped me realize my shortcomings and points of development. Thank you.

  • Anıl Dertli Doğadan Çay ' Personal Developmant'

    I have read many personal development books and participated in several training, none of them actiğvated me nearly as much as Mrs.Serap’s ‘’Increasing Personal Effectiveness’’ training. Altough it has been over a year since the training, I always have ‘’the circle of life’’ methodlogy in my mind and most beautiful for part for me is that I try to implement it and feel extremely happy to see that my long postponed dreams are fulfilled. I thank you ver much Mrs.Serap. Best regards