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Executive and Management coaching makes the difference between performing and achieving. Top leaders consider coaching the single most important tool in achieving outstanding work and life results.

Our coaching is centered in the business arena, but many of our clients recognise that work and life are not separate events. Much of our coaching work involves helping senior managers and executives to achieve their goals across all areas of their lives.

What will the coachees gain?

On completion of a coaching session / programme coachees will have experienced: 

Personal change through exploration & learning.
Enabled by being more, doing more, achieving more, and contributing more.
Coachees gain new vistas of possibilities, energies, focus, skill, and enjoyment both professionally and personally.


This is identified in one of two ways. The first is known as freestyle, the second as structured. Freestyle coaching often occurs when the coachee is spending their personal training budget; in which case the coachee are both client and coachee. This still contains the technologies and structured approach that we deliver in coaching, however the subject or content are lead solely by the coachee.

The structured coaching is delivered in exactly the same way, however here the client will be the organisation, and may with the agreement of the coachee, set an agenda or outcome for the coaching.