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At this training you will learn, dentify one’s own personality style and the personality styles of customers; Apply personality knowledge to communicate more effectively with customers; Have influence in the organization by documenting customer concerns; Make better choices to improve attitude; Develop a personalized strategy for improving listening skills; Choose vocabulary that is calming and persuasive; Refer to a recovery system for turning angry customers into happy repeat customers; Practice a three step system for maintaining professionalism and composure when dealing with irate customers. 

  • Managing expectations and emotions
  • What customers really want
  • Leveraging relationships
  • Attracting people with gratitude
  • Simple systems that create customer care
  • Creating a repeatable process
  • Establish credibility, reliability and responsiveness in dealing with customer issues
  • Solving problems before the customer knows they have them
  • How to make sure your behavior does not betray your skill
  • Maintaining long-term customer relationships
  • Staying persistent with clearly defined outcomes